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Visit our Kirkwood store. You’ll discover a wide selection of name-brand bakeware and cookware, all at everyday low prices. Plus the largest collection of kitchen tools in the St. Louis metro area, and much more!

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Oxo, Zyliss, and Kyocera are just the beginning.

From zesters to mandolines, you won’t believe our selection of hundreds of tools. That’s why cooks in the know say, “I bet Cornucopia has it!” These are just a few of our top sellers:


The Cheese Knife

Unique, patented, blade cuts anything that sticks to ordinary knives: cheese, butter, brownies, and more! We love it and you will, too.



Kyocera Ceramic Peeler

Super-efficient, to save you time and effort peeling your favorite fruits and veggies. The ultra-sharp advanced ceramic blade will never rust, leaves no metallic aftertaste or smell, and stays sharp 10 times longer than steel.



Herb Scissors

Snip herbs easily and neatly. Five stainless steel blades allow you to cut, chop, or mince quickly and efficiently.



Oxo Food Mill

No need to peel, core, or seed – unlike a food processor. The perforated holes leave seeds, skin, and fiber behind. Three stainless steel discs for preparing foods of fine, medium, and coarse textures. Unique release button for changing discs. Soft handle and turning knob for comfort. Non-slip legs fold beneath for compact storage atop bowls and pots. 2.3-qt. capacity.




OXO Salt and Pepper Grinders

Five grind settings. Non-corrosive ceramic mechanism. Large capacity.

$24.95 each



Poaching is one of the healthiest ways to prepare eggs, since it doesn’t use butter or oil, but it surely isn’t the easiest — until now. The PoachPod suspends the egg like a lily in a lily pond. Simply crack an egg into a PoachPod floating in boiling water. When done, just pop out a perfectly poached, perfectly shaped egg! Silicone ensures quick, easy, clean release.

$9.95 set of 2


Kyocera Ceramic Mandoline Slicer

The "no set-up" slicer. Effortless to use, just turn the dial on back for paper thin, medium, thick, and extra-thick slices. Safe – no blades to switch out. Ultra-sharp blade won't rust or brown foods. Corner notches fit the slicer on top of bowls. Dishwasher safe.



Platinum Silicone Lids by Lékué

The purest type of silicone. Orderless, anti-bacteria, resistant to high and low tempratures. Creates a tight seal. Perfect for storage, freezer, oven, even as a skillet lid. Sizes - 4" to 12"

$4.95 to $14.95