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Visit our Kirkwood store. You’ll discover a wide selection of name-brand bakeware and cookware, all at everyday low prices. Plus the largest collection of kitchen tools in the St. Louis metro area, and much more!

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Fresh, premium-quality beans from Coffee Masters.

We proudly sell coffee beans from one of the country's best roasters.


Just the way you like it.

All our coffees are whole bean.
We'll grind your beans, from superfine Turkish to coarse.


$12.95 Lb.

Cornucopia Blend

Colombian and Central American beans. Medium roast. Smooth flavor.

Colombia Supremo

Medium roast. Mellow flavor. A great first cup of the day.

Scandinavian Blend

Blend of Latin American beans with Espresso.

Sumatra Mandheling

Smooth and syrupy. Full bodied, for which Sumatra is famous.

French Roast

Dark roasted with a hearty, bold taste.
Rain Forest Alliance certified.

Costa Rican

A perfect balance of crisp acidity, luscious body, and ripe, sweet flavor.

Tip of the Andes

Grown in the highest altitudes of the Andes. Extremely rich flavor, aroma, and mellowness.

Ethiopian Yrgacheffe

Grown at an elevation of 5000 feet. Light-bodied and lively. An ideal first cup of the day.

Vienna Roast

The lightest of our darkest roasts. A full-bodied blend of Central American beans.


Darkest roast, pungent, low in caffeine, and often used with espresso makers.



$12.95 Lb.

Highlander Grogg

Buttery flavor mixed with the warm essence of aged Irish whiskey and a touch of spice.


A blend of medium beans flavored with the richness of hazelnuts.

Hawaiian Macadamia

Enhanced with exotic warm macadamia nut flavor.

Southern Pecan

Savor the flavors of milk chocolate, honeyed pecans, and bourbon.

Vanilla Nut Cream

Creamy vanilla with a hint of nut!

Belgium Chocolate

Buttery, dark, and deliciously rich.


Combines light and dark roasts with a little spice, a little vanilla, a little cream, and a lot of flavor.

Crème Brûlée

Enhanced with the taste of sweet, creamy custard and crunchy baked caramel.

Cinnamon Nut Swirl

A perfect balance of cinnamon, toasted hazelnuts, and vanilla.


Caffeine is removed utilizing a process that flushes the beans with water – instead of a chemical, which leaves a distinct aftertaste.

$14.95 Lb.

Decaf Highlander Grogg

Buttery flavor, Irish whiskey, and spice.

Decaf Hazelnut

A rich, nutty flavor.

Decaf Southern Pecan

The flavors of milk chocolate, honeyed pecans, and bourbon.

Decaf Cinnamon Nut Swirl

Cinnamon, toasted hazelnuts, and vanilla.

Decaf Vanilla Nut Cream

Rich, creamy vanilla, with a hint of nut.

Decaf Colombian

Mellow bodied and mild.

Decaf Sumatra

Smooth, rich, syrupy, and heavy bodied.

Decaf French Roast

Full-bodied and hearty.